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Joel Comm – Personal Branding Spotlight

Joel Comm is a very well-known author and Internet marketer. In addition to writing many books, some of which that have went on to be New York Times and Business Week bestsellers, Joel has a great following and a personal brand that he has built up along the way.

I’m always stressing the importance of building your own brand. If the Internet and all of your site visitors and advertisers were to disappear, what would you do? If you have an established brand built around your name, then you always will have something to fall back on… even if that means starting from scratch with something new.

- Tell us how your (personal of business) brand’s online reputation impacts the success of your business.

My reputation is the most important part of my brand. I’ve worked hard to produce quality products, services and content over my eighteen-year career. It’s essential to maintain a high standard of integrity so customers and associates know that you are trustworthy, implicitly.

- Please share 3 tips with us on how to build a great online reputation for your brand.

1) Always over-deliver – All your products, services, blog entries, podcasts, promotions and live speeches should communicate that you care deeply about what you do and who you are doing it for.
2) If you screw up, just admit it and move on. People will respect you for your transparency and relate to your humanity.
3) Be willing to help others even when it appears there is nothing in it for you. It demonstrates true caring.

- The bigger your brand, the more apt you are to come under attack. Care to share with us a personal story of an online attack that you encountered and how you dealt with it?

Around 2009, I released the fourth edition of my Google AdSense ebook. Along with the ebook purchase, the sales page offered a bonus trial edition of my printed magazine, The Top One Report. The sales page was very clear in sharing that the trial would lead to a subscription for the magazine. However, many people didn’t read the sales page, and some bloggers wrote how I was attempting to “hide” the subscription from the buyers.

When I saw that people were really missing what we clearly explained on the page, I took full responsibility. I put up a special page with a self-deprecating images of myself and the words “I screwed up” as a headline. I then proceeded to email the entire customer list and provided them with the opportunity to opt out. Since many unscrupulous marketers were forcing continuity without even presenting it to people on their sales page, I got caught up in the controversy and responded as quickly as possible to make things right. I received many emails from people telling me that they were impressed at how fast I moved to take responsibility to make things right.

- Just like a display case for a brand in a retail store, it’s important to manage how your brand looks in search engines. What steps do you take to ensure that you control what people see when they Google your brand?

I don’t. There are so many links to me and my content that a few negative articles here or there don’t have much of an impact. I used to keep my eye on the consumer review sites, but some of them are more concerned about extorting money from brands in order to remove bad reviews. I refuse to play that game.

- Please share 1 valuable and not readily known tip with the Brand Blog audience on how to improve your brand’s online reputation.

Google Alerts. Kidding…

I’ll give you a simple one. Buy “” and redirect it to your website so someone else can’t own it. See for an example.

Special thanks to Joel Comm for taking the time to featured in our “Personal Branding Spotlight” series. If you liked what you saw, also be sure to check out our ORM Experts interview series as well.

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