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Mike Zammuto
Mike is a dynamic, multi-award winning online and technology executive with a history that spans multiple successful startups, large technology firms, a top 40 web site and a leadership role with Microsoft. Mike's strength is building companies that scale and execute. Mike is an internationally recognized expert in online reputation management appearing regularly in national and international media as the face of the industry.
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Reputation Management: Company Culture is Critical for Startups

Internal company culture often reflects how successful a business will become. In terms of reputation management, this is paramount. At Mashable, a recent post gives culture-building tips for startup businesses that are applicable across any industry.

Web Documentation

One of the easiest ways to increases your company’s online rep is to document and publish positive messages that support the company. If a customer contacts or tags your company in social media, for example, re-share the message or make note of what it says. According to the article, it is important for companies to have a firm understanding of what their internal values are — listening to consumers is often the best way to know what is expected for the best of the company.

If you’re running an online market space, for instance, combine your original values and mission statements and evolve them with what site visitors love about your company. If people flock to your site because of its sleek design and informative product descriptions, values like efficiency, honesty, and transparency may apply.

Internal Stability & Growth

No matter how innovative an entrepreneur you are, there will come a time when you have to move your basement startup out into the real work world. At this point, it is important to surround yourself with the essentials; this includes hiring staff capable of evolving with you and the company and utilizing cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of the Internet curve.

Every company has its own hiring specifications. Since you spent time and effort (and collaborated, no doubt) developing your company’s values and mission statements, look for new hires who reflect these elements.

A major component of growth is implementing technology systems capable of handling new hires and consumer traffic. The article says that company founders and partners usually have direct control over company direction when there are between 20 and 50 employees — more than 90, and it becomes difficult to influence how people contribute to the organization. One way to help maintain quality staff and grow is to embrace communication-based technologies.

Communication is the basis of the Internet. Whether you’re marketing a new product, trying to build your reputation, or managing day-to-day tasks, technology can help. Tech-solutions are particularly important when it comes to your businesses Web credibility — check out our case studies to see how you can maintain control of your online influence.


Another piece of advice the article shares is to create environments capable of motivating your employees. Goal setting, for instance, is a great time and place to reward employees for completing a task — combine in-office appreciation and think about mentioning everything the employee has done through social media or in a weekly company update blog. As a CEO/founder/president, your job is big-picture corporate direction. By implementing reward systems, staying positive, and teaching others how to become successful, you are directly influencing how employees act to one another.


Finally, the post recommends for companies to practice transparency (which is most likely one of your values). This is achieved through active and honest communication with employees, outside clients, and your consumer base.

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