We're Turning
The PR Industry
On Its Head.
Precision PR

The News Media Platform Connects Brands Directly To Publishers, Circumventing The PR Middleman.

Gain full editorial control of your PR. Prior to your articles going live, you will have the ability to review, edit, and approve.

Publish stories when you're ready, paying per story. No more wasted media spends on large monthly PR retainers!

Choose the exact publisher you want to run your story. From there distribute to the exact audience, hitting as many eyeballs as you choose.

Guide every penny of your PR budget. Gain full transparency into where your story launches, what it says, who reads it, and how many it is distributed to.

Publish immediately or schedule articles publishing at a specific time. All scheduled and published articles will show up in your editorial calendar.

Here’s How It Works
Your Brand, Your Story
Say "hello" to control of how your brand looks online.

The Brand.com Platform enables you to take control of how your brand looks online. The first step in the process is your initial call with a staff reporter. Brand.com will elicit information about your brand that you want to show up online.

Thereafter, our team will create a content guideline sheet for your approval. Once approved, your heavy lifting ends and ours begins. Game time!

News Publication
Source Writers For Your Campaign
  • Source Writers
    Develop Strategies

    Our publishers will create content that is centrally focused around your end strategy.

    Need content to influence a specific industry or market? What's your strategy?

  • Source Writers
    Source Publishers

    We connect you with the world's top publishers and their teams of staff reporters, fact checkers, and editors.

    Your story will be published to the right audience at the right time.

  • Source Writers
    In Depth Articles

    Credibility is King.
    Content is Queen.

    Credible, authoritative writers will write content for your brand. This content is 100% original and highly engaging.

Edit Your Story

The world needs to know you are the best...but how? And who is going to believe it?

In order to maintain the credibility of our news organization, we filter out self-promotional and advertorial copy. The purpose of this is to ensure that your story is newsworthy, providing valuable information that is editorial in nature.

Promotional and advertorial content is not trusted in the eyes of consumers and search engines. The educational, informative, and newsworthy content we create on your behalf will engage audiences and influence markets.

Publish Your Story On High End Publications

News Headquarters (NHQ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Brand.com, provides you with access to the world's best writers, editors, and publishers through the Publishing Partner Program. This program enables brands to publish their original stories on authoritative, high end publications all around the globe.

Before content is published, you will have the ability to approve the final drafts, ensuring accuracy of your story.

News Publication
Promote Your Story Everywhere
  • Scheduling

    Publish immediately or schedule article publishing to occur at a specific time. All scheduled and published articles will show up in your editorial calendar.

    Source Writers
  • Paid Distribution

    Easily promote your brand's best stories with paid distribution across trusted networks, including LinkedIn, Taboola, Outbrain, Google Adwords, nRelate, and Facebook.

    Source Writers
  • Social Distribution

    Share content across social networks with the click of a button. Coordinating your campaign with social distribution will help your content go viral.

Measure Your Brand’s Success With Content Analytics!
With our real-time analytics you will gain a full understanding of how your brand looks online! We give you the ability to dig deep into your brand’s success through custom reporting and campaign ROI. Through our custom analytics tool, we put the power in your hands, with metrics that allow you to measure: content page views, social shares, unique visitors, and time-on-content. Enhance your brand reports through our custom reports tool and finally take control of your brand online!
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