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The Future of PR

For many years, if you needed publicity, you turned to the public relations industry. But now, the press release is dead, and the traditional concept of public relations is as antiquated as the rotary phone or the 8-track player. In today's instant-news digital world, you need new methods of distributing your message and reaching your audiences.

At Brand.com, we believe in a better way, and that's why we've created the only SaaS platform dedicated to connecting clients directly with the media. Gone are the days of the Hail Mary press release pitch that goes unread by the journalist. Instead, we have the news story release, an article about your brand or company that is written and released directly by the news media. No more PR middleman, delivering uncertain promises and vague results. With us, you can put your news on to leading sites through top publishers. Brand.com's Precision PR service allows you to tell your story your way, getting out the messages that matter to the audiences that count. It's time for PR that actually works. It's time for Brand.com.